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We founded 4x4 Shoppe & Service with the inspiration to provide Malaysian 4x4 users with world-class professional 4x4 products and services. The business was based on the concept of franchising, which would allow you as the customer to gain the following benefits:

i. Quality - With the franchising concept, I control and maintain the quality standards so that you can go to any of my outlets and will not have to worry about quality

ii. Expertise - Our focus on 4x4s will ensure that you have the best service and professional advice.

iii. Value - By buying my stocks in bulk, I can get better pricing and you can get more value for your money.


Our team's years of experience in 4x4s will allow you to maximize the enjoyment of your 4x4. Whether it's for the weekend trip to your fishing spot or to make your 4x4 stand out from the others, we can help you. Or if you want to make your 4x4 the ultimate offroading machine, rest assured we know how to do it. We have prepared and modified 4x4s for the ultimate competition: Rainforest Challenge (where only the brave need apply).

Besides products and services, we organize eco-tourism offroading events to let the public enjoy this growing sport. Even if you don't own a 4x4, you can enjoy this sport! Why watch the offroading events on TV when you can participate?

This website will give you some ideas about the range of products and services available at our outlets. I welcome you to any of my outlets to talk with me or my team to get the best ideas for improving the performance of your 4x4. The enjoyment of your 4x4 is beyond what you can imagine, let us show you how.

Yours sincerely,
Stiven Sim



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