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Piyamit IV: 4x4 Iguana Endurance 2002 (25th - 29th May)

Test your offroading skills this May in specially designed offroad tracks. Learn how to drive your 4x4 in offroad conditions. Iguana Adventurers Club is organizing the annual Piyamit trip to Thailand and would love to have fellow 4x4 enthusiasts make this a fun memorable trip. The trip promises lots of unexpected adventure and also goodies for participants. Why sit at home when you can join an unexpected adventure? Life is short, offroad hard.

Here are some useful links to help you decide:
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4x4 event: Johor Jamboree, 31 May - 2 June 2002

More exciting 4x4 events coming your way! Please contact Johor 4WD Club at 03-3574335 for more details about this event.


Wow. What a month. If you missed out on last month's 4x4 Showdown in Melaka, here's a blow-by-blow account of the event.

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MELAKA 4X4 SHOWDOWN 2002, 13th -14th April.

I marked my calendar last month, after being informed by Stiven Sim, Event Director of Melaka 4x4 Showdown 2002 and waited for the day to come. On the 13th April morning, I woke up especially early to begin my slow drive to Melaka. On the North South highway, the sun couldn't be brighter and the day was lovely. Rumbling along at 80km/h on the highway in my Toyota, I enjoyed the view and the rattle of my engine. Not too long later, the peace was disturbed by a passing convoy of Toyota trucks. All built up and well equipped to offroad specifications. Yes, these trucks must be diesels. Nothing else. This could be some of the participants. Most offroad enthusiasts like diesel trucks for its reliability.

As I arrived at the Jalan Merdeka venue, I was informed that the flag off would be at Kota Mas, Ayer Keroh. I rushed to the flag off venue in the midst of heavy mid-day Saturday traffic. Luckily I caught them in time and managed to capture some photos of the 107 trucks participating in this event. The Melaka State Secretary, YB Datuk Jahaya bin Mat flagged off the participants to begin their journey to Makhota Parade. A lot of wonderful trucks were honking in the convoy and the public was thrilled to see such displays of trucks. It must have been the largest convoy ever of 4x4s to congregate in Melaka.

As the speech finished, the real competition begins. This is where the men are separated from the boys. Unfortunately, I still find the sport dominated by men. Perhaps more could be done to encourage females to take up this unique sport. Not surprisingly, Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota Hilux trucks dominated the event. Some other notable cars were the Suzukis and Jeeps. Not all participants came in monster trucks, a few used their standard daily vehicle with little modification. They should be commended for their sportsmanship spirit. Entering a competition with a standard car is like competing in the F1 with your mom's Proton.

With 27 participants waiting and ready to go, the competition begins with a flying start as the 1st car (yellow Toyota land Cruiser) attempts the track. They have to overcome 5 obstacles in 15 minutes and do it again the next day in 10 minutes. Sounds easy? Not when you see the obstacles. A major heart-stopping obstacle is the 8 feet high seesaw. They have to drive up the seesaw and attempt to stay balanced mid-air! Also testing their skills are the reversing obstacles on a single greasy log. All competitors are not allowed to shout to each other; they can only use hand signals. One guy has his mouth taped because he couldn't resist shouting to his co-driver! Large crowds gathered around the track to see these brave skillful men attempt the track. The event was made even more joyful with the charity joyride, giving less privileged children an opportunity to enjoy a ride in 4x4s.

After much exciting moments over the 2 days, the winner finally emerged. The results are:
Champion : Driver - Tay Teng Seng
: Co-driver - Wong Siew Cheong
: Car No. DM 144

1st Runner up : Driver - Jacky Ho
: Co-driver - Yee Kheng Ming
: Car No. BCG 1010

2nd Runner up : Driver - Sai Hay Heng
: Co-driver - Lim Chow Hua
: Car No. WFR 3057

The event was fantastic and provided lots of exciting moments. The Melaka Adventure Council, Majlis Perbandaran Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah and Four Trax Sports Sdn Bhd have done a great job showcasing 4x4 adventure sports.

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