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Round 1 Result: 7/8/2002

Team OrangeBlack (Malaysia)
: Andy Tan / Co-Driver: Ah Kwai
Suzuki WDX 7515
Driver: Lam Kuan Ho / Co-Driver: Peter Ang
Suzuki ST 8649 B
Driver: Khairun / Co-Driver: Tg. Ahman Izarul
Toyota LC II
Time: 58.33 / Penalty: 201 sec. / Final Time: 61.54

NOTE : TIME is actual time recorded for completing the Mudpool and FINAL TIME is time + penalty seconds. All time are recorded in Minutes and Seconds.
Penalty in the mudpool are recored by marshals during the course of competition for any violation of the rules and regs.


Round 1 Result

1st Place - 31/08/02
: Peter Ang (Malaysia) / Co-Driver: Lam Kuan Ho (Malaysia) / Suzuki ST 8649 B
Laps Time: 15.08 / Penalty: 0.00 / Final Time: 15.08

2nd Place - 8/9/2002
: Lai Tuck Onn (Malaysia) / Co-Driver: Liew Sum Kee (Malaysia) / Rocky NU 6600
Laps Time: 15.29 / Penalty: 30 sec / Final Time: 15.59
Remarks: 3 markers

3rd Place - 8/9/2002
: Lim Seng Hai (Malaysia) / Co-Driver: Lai Tuck Onn (Malaysia) / Hilux Tiger MT 8268 BK
Laps Time: 15.46 / Penalty: 50 sec. / Final Time: 16.36
Remarks: 5markers

NOTE : Laps time is actual time recorded for completing the THREE (3) laps and FINAL TIME is Lap time + penalty seconds. All time are recorded in Mins and Secs.


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