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General camping in the wild can be a luxury or a disaster. It all depends on the camping equipment that you bring. We stock a wide range of products to make your camping trip enjoyable and less of a hassle. Some of the items we stock are: camping beds, lamps, storage containers, sleeping beds, cooking stoves, sleeping bags etc. Get yourself equipped and enjoy your camping trips now.



When you need air fast, there's only one compressor to choose. Big Red. TJM built it to perform in the harshest conditions in its home country of Australia. You can now handle tire repairs while offroading and fill all your other inflatable items. The Big Red is available as a kit, which includes the compressor mounted in a heavy-duty steel box complete with 7 meters of air hose. It comes equipped with tire chuck, electrical wiring and alligator clips for wiring to the vehicle battery. The compressor unit and hose are also available separately for easy mounting in the cabin, under the bonnet or wherever this compact unit can be placed in your 4x4.



To ensure a safe winching operation, you need proper equipment. Get only the best equipment as winching and recovery can be potentially a lethal exercise. Any equipment that breaks in a winching operation has the capability to cause serious damage. You will need a pair of heavy-duty gloves, tow hooks, pintle hooks, snatch straps, shackles, tee trunk protectors, snatch blocks and drag chains. Besides these vital equipment, you must consider getting your 4x4 equipped with a hi-lift jack. This is the one piece of equipment that you should not save money on. It is the Swiss army knife for your 4x4. It is built heavy-duty and performs a variety of functions offroad or on road. Get only the best in recovery equipment because it may mean getting stuck or getting home. It's your choice.





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