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Leaf Springs: Get the right support
Springs will support your 4x4 and sets your vehicle height. It determines the maximum suspension travel possible and affects vehicle ride and handling. Click here for more features.

Torsion Bars
All are made in the heavy-duty ratings. They are approximately 25% stronger than standard bars. The thicker bar diameter gives a dynamic increase in the spring rate, eliminating hard bottoming when offroading and gives better handling on road. These bars are easy to install and are great for your vehicle if you use large tires.

Shackle and Pin Kits
They are hardened to 2.0mm to give higher resistance to wear thus increasing durability. These kits are machined to allow greater dispersion and surface coverage of grease. It helps to reduce shackle and pin deterioration. Rust is not a problem because they have been galvanized and plated.

Shackle Bush Kits
Polyurethane bushes, when fitted and used correctly will give a greater extended life than a rubber bush. It is recommended that greasable shackle and pin kits be fitted with these bushes as this will increase the life of the bushes even further. They are built resistant to minerals, petrochecmicals, salt water and can withstand extreme temperature.

Coil Springs
OrangeBlack coils are made 20-40% stronger than OEM coil springs. They give you better load handling and road handling properties. Click here for more features.


The company was founded in 1873 and they have been producing shock absorbers since 40 years ago. Pioneering the concept of patented gas pressure principle to manage the ride characteristics, they have been wildly popular with competitive racers around the world. They are renowned as the world leader in monotube gas pressure shock absorbers. Used in many races e.g. Formula 1, SCCA, NASCAR, Baja 1000 and frequently used as original equipment on Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ferrari and GM, they are undoubtedly proven to be the best.


Rancho 5000/9000

Rancho 5000 is a best-selling high performance light truck shock absorber. It has twin-tube cellular gas design and ten-stage valving which delivers a comfortable highway ride and superb off-road performance. Rancho 9000 has five settings to adjust both compression and rebound damping. They can be adjusted while installed on the 4x4 and you can set your desired performance level. Whether on road, highway or offroad, you can rest assured that Rancho provides maximum performance.



TJM has been a key player in suspension systems since 1973, building up a valuable expertise with extensive testing in Australia's harsh conditions across Simpson Desert, Fraser Island, Canning Stock Route and Central Australia. The Series 2000 suspension systems are designed and built to handle the toughest operating conditions. Whether it's a lift kit or a coil spring, every single item are built tough. The system gives excellent ride quality, load carrying capacity and handling improvements. All of these give you a 4x4 that is enjoyable and safe to drive.

The TJM Series 2000 suspension system includes:
- Big bore oil and gas charged shocks
- XGS Expanded gas shocks
- Steering dampers
- Coil springs: linear and progressive
- Leaf springs
- Spring hanger kits
- U-bolts
- Poly bush kits
- Torsion bars
- Replacement sway bars




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