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Four-Trax 4X4 Academy was officially setup in year 2000 with the following objectives:

A. Objectives

  • Instil Professionalism & Respect in the field of 4X4
  • Educate Malaysian in proper 4X4 techniques & safety
  • Establish proper training programme for corporate and individual in 4X4 and its' related field
  • Manage and operate full-time Off-Road facilities in and around Kuala Lumpur.
  • Eradicate or minimise 4X4 mishap and accidents during off-roading
  • Transfer Malaysian Technical & Experience knowhow
  • Promote and Organise Eco-Tourism related programme
  • Provide proper event management and safety observation advice and assistance

B. Circuit under Management

  • Shah Alam Off-Road Circuit ( next to Shah Alam Stadium )

C. Professional Services Available

  • Professional Management of 4X4 / Off-Road circuits and tracks
  • Organisation of Management / Personnel Training
  • Practical and Theory 4X4 training sessions
  • Establish BASIC, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCE 4X4 Training courses
  • Produce and Publish 4X4 Training and Reference Manuals
  • Endorsement of 4X4 related events and shows
  • Affiliation of foreign clubs/Association for International Recognition
  • 4X4 Product Testing and Evaluation programme
  • Competition and Events Organisation

D. Other Services

  • Outdoor Adventure events
  • Classroom and Meeting facilities
  • Fully equipped classroom facilities
  • Course and 4WD Rental
  • Timing and Safety Marshals

Family Day, Sports Day, Get-together, Camping or Outward bound school organisation

NOTE: Special Training Programme to suit individual corporate are available on request and Local or Foreign Trainers / Instructors are available on demand.


The Affiliation

Pro-Trax Off-Road Adventures : Mr. Vince
32 Southfield, Gretton
North Corby, Northants NN17 3BX

Continental Off-Road Academy : Mr. Von Krause
Building No. 6, Bentley Office Park
CNR Wessels / Bevan Roads
Rivonia Sandton


Clubs under Management

  • The Isuzu 4X4 Club
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser Club
  • The KIA Sportage Club


The History of Events


  • Conducted the 4X4 Off-Road Training for a Hong Kong 4X4 Club in China
  • Commissioning of Off-Road Tracks for Rainforest Challenge


  • Endorsement of the Sports and Recreation Show & Recreation Vehicle Show
  • Organisation of the "MUD BATH" Challenge
  • Manage and commissioning of the 4TH ASIAN RALLY prologue Run
  • Endorsement of the TJM Train & Drive
  • Organisation of the KIA 4X4 Adventure trip
  • Endorsement of the SEPANG 4X4 Challenge
  • Organisation of the 1st Cameron Highlands Expedtition ( Isuzu 4X4 Club )
  • Organisation of the Return of the Elephant MudHole Challenge ( for Hong Kong 4X4 Council )
  • Organisation of the 4X4 Recovery Team for the Malaysian Formula 1 GP


  • Endorsement of 4 Rounds of the 4X4 Millennium Challenge
  • Endorsement and Organisation of the SEPANG 4x4 CHALLENGE
  • Endorsement and Organisation of the 4X4 Recovery Team for GP 500 and Formula 1
  • Assistance in the organisation of the 5TH ASIAN RALLY (Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong)
  • ACM Isuzu Salesman 4X4 Training programme
  • Organisation of Isuzu 4X4 Club and KIA Adventure Club trips and events
  • Assisting the Petronas 4X4 Indo-China Expedition
  • Formation of the Team TJM-XGS for entry into the SIMEX Rainforest Challenge national round ( Overall champion and Team champion )
  • Organisation of the Kuala Lumpur - Kanchanaburi 4X4 Expedition 2000
  • Assisting the organisation of the Silverstone Malaysia 4X4 Jamboree ( Shah Alam Stadium )
  • Organisation of the Selangor Cheshire Home 4X4 visit
  • Formation of the 4X4malaysia.com website


  • Endorsement and Organisation of the 4X4 Recovery Team for the 2nd round Formula 1 GP in Malaysia
  • Organisation of the 4X4 Shoppe & Service Train 'n' Drive 2001
  • To Organise the KIA 4X4 Cameron Adventure & Treasure Hunt 2001 ( June )
  • To assist with Training and support service to the Petronas 4X4 Istanbul Silk-Road Expedition
  • To manage the newly formed Petronas Adventure 4X4 Challenge Team for the Rainforest Challenge 2001
  • To be appointed by the SMART team as their official Trainer for offroading


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