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These tough truck bedliners are the best investment to protect your valuable truck bedtray from damages and scratches. They are made tough in New Zealand and severely tested to withstand the serious pounding that your truck takes as you go offroad or even when unloading your goods in the city.

The liners are built according to the shape of your vehicles' bedtray to increase storage space. It is also built to protect the edge of the wellside, helping you to protect your truck when moving heavy stuff.

A unique feature of the TUFDEK liners is the TUFLOK system, where you can create valuable space by partitioning your bedtray into various storage spaces of different sizes. This helps to keep your stuff well separated and secured. You can also retain your investment value in a TUFDEK as you can move it to another car of the same model without hassle. See us today for a TUFDEK that's suitable for your truck. Protect your truck today!


TUFTOPs are built in New Zealand with the 4x4 user in mind. Its innovative design is built to fit your 4x4 perfectly. You can also opt for the integrated Roof Racking System to increase load carrying capacity while retaining your 4x4's appearance. You can now get them in a choice of: fixed, sliding or side lifting windows. Color? TUFTOPs come in a variety color to suit your 4x4. You can now choose the best canopy system and not worry about colors.



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